LuaDNS Blog

  • Oct 07 2019 » SSH Key Authentication

    We moved now to a more general solution based on SSH keys authentication for repository access, this allows you to use other hosts or self-hosted (Gitea/Gogs, etc) repositories. We increased global coverage with 3 more POPs in our Anycast Network. read more »

  • Dec 10 2017 » Anycast DNS

    Today we have to announce that we successfully migrated to Anycast DNS, this is was a major achievement in our multi year roadmap. read more »

  • Jun 18 2017 » CAA Record

    Learn how to prevent unauthorized Certificate Authorities issuing certificates for your domains. read more »

  • Feb 15 2015 » Redirect Record

    This new pseudo record helps you to redirect web visitors for a domain/subdomain to an URL without an external web server. read more »

  • May 15 2014 » Alias Record

    Today we are introducing the ALIAS Record, this pseudo record allows you to add CNAME functionality to root (naked, apex, bare) domains. read more »

  • Apr 10 2014 » Yes, we are alive!

    It's been a long time since we didn't posted to our blog. I would like to answer to one of the questions we do receive frequently. Yes, we are alive! :) read more »

  • Sep 24 2012 » Amazon Route 53 integration

    We have implemented integration with Amazon Route 53 service. Now, you can benefit from Amazon's anycast network to get high availability and improved performance. read more »

  • May 15 2012 » Bind zone files

    With native support for Bind zone files you can try the LuaDNS platform without migrating your zone files to Lua format. read more »

  • Apr 18 2012 » How to manage your DNS with GitHub

    Reading this post you'll learn how to manage your DNS with GitHub. read more »

  • Apr 14 2012 » AXFR transfers

    Master-slave configurations are now possible, we have implemented AXFR transfers which allows you to add secondary name servers. read more »

  • Mar 14 2012 » Additional record types

    Support for AAAA, PTR, SPF, SRV record types was added. read more »

  • Feb 10 2012 » LuaDNS is live!

    Hello everyone!
    After months of coding fun, tens of coffee cups, we have finally launched LuaDNS! Managing DNS zones it's not boring anymore. LuaDNS is a managed DNS service which is built differently than traditional services ... read more »

  • Dec 15 2011 » Hello, world!

    This is the first more »