Hi, I'm Vitalie Cherpec and I'm founder of this project. I'm a coder and sysadmin, I have a vast experience as a sysadmin (since 1998) and as a programmer (many years in game development and web development industry).


I was a happy user of a free DNS hosting service for many years, when this service was acquired by a competitor in august 2011, I was forced to move somewhere else.

While migrating my zone files I realized that I don't like Bind syntax files neither administering tens of domains through a web interface. I've started to experiment on how it should look a perfect DNS service for me. I've realized that I would love to store my configuration files in a Git repository and I would need some configuration language for templating (Lua).

This is how LuaDNS was born on October, 2011.


We are using name servers distributed across USA and Europe. Name servers are hosted in data centers with many redundant connections with Level3, Deutsche Telekom, KPN, PCCW-BTN, Telia, Tiscali, Hurricane Electric.


This service was built using the following open source technologies:

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