Apr 10 2014

Yes, we are alive!

Posted by Vitalie Cherpec

It's been a long time since we didn't posted to our blog. I would like to answer to one of the questions we do receive frequently:

Yes, we are alive! :)

I think we need offer you some explanations, in 2012 I've became a father and this is the greatest experience of my life. While everything was running smoothly it kept me busy for a while.

We have great news, we deployed a new release with the following changes:


The new platform is based on Go and AngularJS which allows us to process your configuration files and deploy them to name servers much faster using a tiny fraction of the previous resources:

10805 lua-srv   20   0  606m  18m  360 S  0.0  3.7  10:31.18 server       
10834 lua-sbx   20   0  339m  11m    4 S  0.0  2.4   0:03.55 sandbox      
10433 lua-wrk   20   0  396m  10m  468 S  0.0  2.1   0:00.10 worker       

Web Interface

We are introducing an experimental web interface which allows you to edit records directly from browser. Although we still believe that git is the proper way of manage configuration files, some people find git requirement as a big barrier. The git workflow is now optional now.

Templates Directory

Previously the templates were stored in one file (templates.lua) which is inconvenient if you have multiple templates. With this release templates can be group and stored in separate .lua files in templates directory located in root of your git repository (Thank you Graham!).

Removed Features

Due to low usage Amazon Route 53 integration was removed, high availability still can be achieved adding more slaves.