Apr 14 2012

AXFR transfers

Posted by Vitalie Cherpec

For users who wish to run our service with external slave servers or together with a third-party DNS hosting provider for extra redundancy, we have configured an AXFR transfer service.

A new slave function was added to our API which allows simple addition of slave name servers to each zone.


-- @name  = slave name (domain name or fqdn)
-- @ip    = slave ip address (IPv4 address used to configure ACLs and for NOTIFY messages)
-- @ttl   = TTL (seconds)
slave(name, ip, ttl)


  • For slaves residing in your your zone use: slave("ns1", ""), A and NS records will be created automatically.
  • For slaves from third-party services use: slave("ns1.third-party-ns.com", ""), NS records will be created automatically.

To add multiple slaves invoke slave function multiple times.

Slave servers should be configured to fetch zone data from axfr.luadns.net (IP:


-- File: example.com.lua
-- Zone: example.com

-- [...]

-- Add two slave servers (ns1.example.com, ns2.example.com)
-- required A and NS records are created automatically
slave("ns1", "")
slave("ns2", "")

-- Add two external slave servers
-- required NS records are created automatically
slave("ns1.third-party-ns.com", "")
slave("ns1.third-party-ns.com", "")

-- Please, configure your ACLs on slave servers
-- to use axfr.luadns.net or IP